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The Lesbian Blended Family August 10, 2009

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Moving in together is a marvelous thing, don’t get me wrong, but the big question of the week is…will the kids get along? And by kids, in my case, I am talking the dogs. I have a long -haired, dachshund that was a rescue. She has two beagles and a dachshund. For the most part they get along, but big surprise, the two dachshunds aren’t doing well together.  Her dachshund wants to eat mine.  Who would have guessed that the smallest dogs who are the same breed would cause the problem.  But dachshunds are a jealous breed and often fight for attention, literally. Although her beagles are noisy, they are sweet, well- tempered dogs.  I have a new found respect for Snoopy and now fully understand why the beagle was Shultz’s dog of choice for the Peanuts comic strip.

For now our solution to the doggie drama involves shuffling dogs room to room to keep war from breaking out. Granted this is not the best solution, but short of calling in The Dog Whisperer, this is the best option we’ve come up with so far. When I expected to be basking in the glow of new love,I am instead playing referee to four- legged creatures who are in shock over the changes in their life.

My dog, Buttercup is happy for the moment after an outing to Brewsters last night for ice cream.  Who wouldn’t be. I can be bought off with ice cream on any day. Brewster’s gives free ice cream to dogs with a cute little bone propped up in the middle of the treat.  In my opinion, if ice cream were served at those United Nations standoffs, there would be less war in the world.

I’ve learned from a past relationship that you have to be very careful with your new girlfriend’s dogs. Although she says you can discipline them, be very, very careful. Proceed with caution. Because whether you know it or not, those dogs are her kids and she will fight you like a she -wolf if she thinks you are playing favorites with your dog or being too harsh with hers.

Who knew bringing baggage to a relationship meant dogs. For all of the drama created, there is a silver lining. All of our dogs have two mommies now, and happier mommies at that. Sometimes when I watch them, they look human, their brown eyes focused on you like you are the only person in the world that matters. These four -legged creatures that comfort us and listen to us when no one else will, deserve the best in life. And I’m quite sure having two mommies is as good as it gets.


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