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Ten Ways to Seduce a Lesbian November 16, 2009

     Seducing a lesbian is a lot like playing cat and mouse, with the true seductress acting in the mouse role. Although the woman/cat participant of the seduction is the pursuer, the person truly in control of the game who can not be caught is the seductress. As can be gleaned from this explanation, the woman doing the running away, is the seductress.

     Call it human nature or whatever you want, playing hard to get is the way to go if you want to lure her in. No, that was not a fishing reference meant to enrage feminists who resent fish references altogether. So, get over yourself and keep reading, if you want to know the secrets to seduction.

     My credentials for discussing this subject in this arena are substantial, as I love to be chased. and have played the game for many years. I have been the chaser and the chased, and being the chaser wears me out and frustrates me, as I feel like I’m being manipulated. And I am. The uncertainty of dating is truly exciting and exhausting. Depending on which emotion trumps, I either give up on dating for a while due to emotional exhaustion or I live in a constant whirlwind of the thrill of the game.

     Therapists, keep your shirts on! You may not like what you’re reading, but I’m writing about reality, not a perfect world where all lesbians have become psychologically healthy and never play games. So deal with it, for the sake of discussion anyway. With only forty or fifty years to find that perfect lesbian mate, we may grow weary of finding a perfectly healthy partner and instead risk playing the game instead of sitting on that lonely bench.

     So here are the tried and true secrets to seducing a lesbian:

1. Let her chase you whenever possible!

2. Never be Debby Downer! Work that stuff out on your own.

3. Be attentive when she talks and truly listen to every word. Listening is a true aphrodisiac.

4. Be there for her. Make her feel like she is number one in your book.

5. Keep your distance. Don’t date more than three times a week. Two times is even better.

6. Keep doing things with your friends.

7. Touch her in sweet ways physically, rescuing that rogue eyelash from her cheek or tucking that loose hair behind her ear.

8. Show her you care, but don’t gush. Ask her questions about her life and how things are going for her with great interest.

9. Help her in small ways.

10. Buy her or make her something inexpensive.



2 Responses to “Ten Ways to Seduce a Lesbian”

  1. Constantine Says:

    This is my first time liking a girl . I truly without knowing it have done everything you advised to do. I hope she feels truly loved, because that is what I try to make her feel. I wonder when I should ask her to take a step and date me…

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