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5 Failproof, Good, and Subtle Ways to Flirt with a Lesbian March 23, 2010

     Flirting is my favorite sport. That probably explains why I need to lose ten pounds. I should be running more, and flirting less. Flirting does not typically burn a lot of calories. If you’re lucky though, what follows your best “moves” can crank your metabolism and get those “good-feeling” endorphins rushing around your body, leaving you giddy and satisfied. Even if you’re “married,” a little harmless flirting is good for the soul. It’s always good to keep in practice, so you know you’ve still got it.

Subtle and Safe Ways to Flirt with Her

1. Pay her a simple and sincere compliment without gushing. If you can’t think of a sincere compliment, then you should not be flirting with her, move on to another woman. Good Examples: Nice bike. Nice dog. Nice earrings. Bad Examples: Nice jugs. Nice legs. Nice lips.

2. Ask her a question about something she obviously cares about to get her talking about herself or her interests. Good Examples: How do you like that book? I see you have a Prius, how does it drive? Your garden is lovely, what’s your secret? Bad Examples: Your lips are beautiful, where did you get them done? How do you manage to drink so much and stay that thin? You’re a republican, but why?

3. Engage her by asking her for an easy favor that compliments her. The key is that the favor has to be a pleasurable and easy request that takes no effort at all. Good Examples: Your dog is so adorable, can I hold her? That entrée you ordered looks delicious, can I try a bite? Those roses you planted are gorgeous, would you give me some advice about how to grow them, I’ve never had any luck. Bad Examples: Your dog is so adorable, would you mind if I kept her for the weekend? That pie you brought to the book group was delicious, would you make me one? You are so good with numbers, would you do my taxes?

4. Do Something Thoughtful or Neighborly for Her without Her Asking – The important key to getting this right is that it has to seem like it was easy for you to do, so she doesn’t feel guilty about your doing it or weird because she thinks you’re hitting on her. The thought you want to leave her with is…she was so sweet to do that.  She sure is nice. Good Examples: When you make a pie/cake, make one for her too, then give it to her explaining that you had enough ingredients for two pies/cakes, so you thought you’d go ahead and make another one for her, instead of wasting the ingredients. Take her some tomatoes, fresh squash or other fresh produce from your garden or from the farmer’s market, explaining you can’t eat them all before they go bad and you thought she might enjoy them. Bad Examples: Pick up a dozen roses for her. Wash and wax her car, spending hours and making a big fuss about it. Paint her house.

5. Reinforce the fact that you remember things she’s mentioned and remember what she likes or cares about, by responding in kind. The key to doing this correctly is to make it a nice, simple gesture. Good Examples: Pass along an article related to something you know she cares about. Mention an upcoming TV show that you hear about related to something she is interested in. If you can sincerely do this, express an interest in something she cares about and ask her for advice about how to get more info or how to get involved, etc…. Bad Examples: Spam her daily with articles/info about something she cares about. Buy her an expensive gift that you know she has longed for. Memorize everything you can about her area of interest, then ask her to coffee and try to impress her with all you know by talking non-stop about the subject.


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