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Lesbian Power Plays November 10, 2011

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Lesbians are like all other groups of people in both good and bad ways. I know. That first sentence is a poor opening line, but hey I never said I was a journalist. Bloggers are different. Or at least, I am different. (That sounds better than admitting that I am clueless)

The power plays that I see lesbians using are quite similar to what I see in the straight world, maybe with a slight twist. People see power through their own eyes and define it in different ways. We’re talking typical types of power that we all try to access at some level for life’s purposes. Intellect, money, sexual prowess, beauty and popularity all serve us at times as we navigate the world. Try as I might to be level-headed and judge people for what is on the inside, I still ALWAYS notice external beauty, expensive toys and intellectual accomplishments. Of course noticing something and liking it are two different things.

Women who try too hard to impress me are always a turn-off. A girl with money who constantly talks about her “stuff” is a bore. Now if she does something really cool with her wealth, instead of purchasing junk to impress others, then my ears are open and I am interested. I would like to see some well-funded lesbian produce lesbian movies. That is still a dream of mine. I have written the screenplay but come up short on funding and contacts. But I do think lesbians need more movies. I would also like to see more lesbians books.

Another pet peeve of mine is gorgeous women who have not made any effort to develop their intellect or personality. If she’s gorgeous, let’s face it, things have fallen in her lap with little effort. Even lesbians can’t help but notice beauty and respond to it. I realize that lesbians are only human and therefore not immune to the lure of a perfectly symmetrical face, which is what I have been told the illusion of beauty is attributed to in scientific circles.

Yet another power play that always takes me by surprise is a lesbian who uses blatant sexuality as her main vehicle of influence. Granted, let me just say, I am all for sex. And for the record, I have been manipulated by erotic signals sent my way via a certain look or touch or way she ate that apple. No I am not bragging. I would say I am shocked that I was that _______ (insert disparaging adjective here).

What’s funny about power plays is that as I have gotten older I actually believe I have developed an immunity to them. Maybe the way a lesbian becomes immune to the charms of a lesbian’s power plays are the same as the way we become immune to bacteria and viruses. Over time with exposure, we finally develop an immunity. That makes sense right?

But who am I kidding. Just like cold weather suppresses our immunity, a gorgeous lesbian can always get me thinking about her if I’m lonely or “in the mood for love.” And in this terrible economy, money is as elusive as Howard Hughes was, and hard not to consider as a “hot” commodity. My love/hate relationship with money keeps me ever-mindful of money as a seductive necessity that has the power to screw with my head on occasion. (See my earlier blog on moving to a Muslim country)

I know. What is my point? I’m not sure, really. I guess I wish lesbians were different. If all the truly sweet, warm, compassionate lesbians would simply wear a t-shirt so I could identify them more easily, then I could spare everyone this type of tireless blog. I used to believe that I could trust any lesbian who loved poetry and worked as a nurse or teacher. So spank me, I see the error in my judgment. But the truth is, nurses and teachers are usually sweet and compassionate in reality. So, my theory is not SO far off, is it, really?

So in my eternal quest for growth, I will forgive the posers and carpe the caregivers –  for they save us all.


5 Responses to “Lesbian Power Plays”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Here is where I show myself for the moron that I am. I know the term power play means an aggressive attempt to compel acquiescence by the concentration or manipulation of power. So I am confused as to where the power play comes in with regard to this blog.

    Are you saying that one trying to impress it is really a power play? What’s their gain? I agree bragging about ones “stuff” can quickly become boring. Maybe her “stuff” and ability to pay for it is her personal currency, and how she evaluates herself worth. I don’t agree with that thinking, but I would never take it to be a power play. For anyone to suggest, unless your engaged role is that of a financial planner, on how someone should spend their money is way to strange for me. I guess I am lucky; I have never met anyone let alone a woman that sits on their laurels. To imply that life easier for one having been blessed with good genes and therefore may appear to ignore the development of intellect and personality for me is ridicules. For all you know she may have been born a moron and with hard work moved to becoming an idiot! Besides which do you have any idea the effort it takes to be gorgeous? I am not gorgeous but as a makeup artist, I do know. And yes, it is, all about circles. Blatant sexuality is just a matter of exchange and again would not refer to it as a power play.

    Because I have had the privilege to have had two face to face meetings with you, I know you are not CLUELESS. So I am giving myself three choices: 1. This was an exercise to get a rise out of your readers. 2. I missed the point completely. 3. One of us doesn’t understand the definition of a “power play” and should leave it as a sport’s term where it is visually understood.

    Personally I am sticking with #1with #2 as backup.

    • awordgrl Says:

      It sounds like we may have a different idea about the term “power play.” The way I used it in this blog is as “a person’s perceived power to manipulate others to get what they want.” I did not mean to say that every attractive woman, rich lesbian, or uber sexy woman is using it as a power play, but sometimes they do. I can usually tell when someone is trying to manipulate me with any of the above. I guess I don’t like to be manipulated, not overtly anyway. Does anyone? With that said, I am quite sure I am manipulated constantly and don’t always know it.

      I have heard the term “power play” used in many different relationships to include business, sports, romance and government to name a few examples. But, of course, your first and second choices are not completely wrong. I love to throw random thougths out there for fun too.

  2. Sandra Says:

    Told you I was a moron lol!!!!

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