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Ten Ways to Win a Lesbian’s Heart May 7, 2012

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1. Tell her how sweet/beautiful/smart her dog or cat or child is.

2. Bring her an inexpensive gift that shows you remembered something personal she mentioned. If she said in passing that her favorite ice cream flavor is butter pecan, then take her some butter pecan ice cream.

3. Pay her a sincere compliment about something that is dear to her heart. If she is an avid gardener, express admiration for her garden.

4. Take her for a picnic in a favorite outdoor spot and ask her about her hopes and dreams, then listen carefully to every word.

5. Tell her something personal about yourself that will make her laugh out loud.

6. Reassure her when she shows signs of doubt about herself.

7. Buy her something sexy to wear that matches her eyes.

8. Get tickets to a concert or sporting event she expressed an interest in.

9. Offer to take her to the airport or pick her up after a trip.

10. Make her something with your own two hands, like a piece of jewelry or a birdhouse, or anything that is done with great care.


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